ncing it, ofte▓n in emotionally int

ense settings such as love or tra▓uma

and prioritie▓s of Chinese characters or authors, I think literature helps convince us of our common humanity," he▓ said. "This is particularly important in a world t▓hat uses language and media increasingly to divide us and distance us from others.""People who don't ▓read foreign literatures are more likely to view p▓eople of other cultures as fundamentally differen▓t and incomprehensible. Literature reminds us that behind walls of politics and ideology t

," said Laughlin."When

it is very good, it may also ri

he▓re continue to be ordinary people, flirting with e▓ach other, dealing with the deaths of their parents, stealing bicycl

s▓e above the moment and say so

es, catching a cold, competing for re▓cognition, or worrying that they look too old when they see themselves in the mirro▓

mething more profound abo▓ut Ch

r," he said."We can relate to these things, a▓nd the power of this ability to relate is multip▓lied when it crosses linguist

ina, the world, or humanit

ic and cultural barrie▓rs. When you can see this commonality, you are less likely to dehumanize someone from another culture with ▓stereotypes and prejudice, and this could help diminish a lot of hatred and violence," he said.In today's highly visual, digital culture, the challenge is "how to get literature in front of people," Laughlin said."We are all still reading. Our relationship with paper is changing...the amount of read▓ing happening on screens is surprisingly vol▓uminous, including my own," he said. "So it's about us helping it proliferate through social media, with hashtags and▓ through opinion influencers."

y which is something we also d

  • on't expect from media coverage," he said."One doe
  • sn't need to limit one's reading to contemporar
  • y writers," he said. "The more you read ba▓ck in
  • to the century before and the centuries before tha
  • t...▓the more you see the continuities and chan
  • ges of Chine▓se culture."CROSSING CULTURAL BARRIE

WORLDLaughlin has been changing

  • his syllabus and ways of teaching his students a
  • bout literat▓ure in general as it is becoming "ma
  • rginalized by digital culture and visual culture
  • ." His Chinese li▓terature course is no exception
  • ."I think another chal▓lenge we have here is th
  • at students are not necessarily reading a lot of
literature anyway, " he

sai▓d. "We have to draw their

  • attention back to the specific richness of langu
  • age and text. ▓But I also use more film and visua
  • l culture in my classes."As to his students' rea
  • ction to the▓ "By the River" novella collection,
  • he said: "Ameri▓can students who don't know so
  • much about Chin▓a find it a little difficult to r
elate to the problems

Science fiction from Ch▓ina, which is highl

ese stori▓es are dealing with." "Some of the m liked stor ies more t han I expected them to. And some of them disli ked stories that I tho ught that they would l▓ike, " he said. "Bu t I think they mak e a great comp onent to u se in teachi ng about modern and co ntemporary C hinese literatur e.""Apart from learn▓in g the thoughts, feelings, 松潘县wap 谷城县wap 青冈县5G 通城县5G 自贡市5G 环江毛南族自治县5G 新平彝族傣族自治县5G 常德市wap 无极县5G 阳江市wap 新绛县wap 梁河县wap 名山县wap 海安县5G 合山市wap 新绛县5G 沧州市wap 南昌市5G 和顺县wap 宁乡县5G 手游传奇私服网 经典传奇私服网页版 传奇私服怎么架设外网 今日新开传奇私服发布 新开单职业传奇私服网站新开网 求正规传奇私服发布网站 手机玩电脑传奇私服 复古传奇私服 热血传奇私服网站大全 新开传奇私服网站发布网